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Stubbylee Hall, Bacup

Stubbylee Hall is an amazing mansion
set in Stubbylee Park, around half a
mile from the centre of Bacup.  There
has been a house on these grounds since
the 16th or 17th century; in 1808 this
mansion was built either on or near to
the site of the original building.
What ghostly souls still wonder around
the old building?
In the early 17th century the Holt family owned the lands here; The Holden family
rented the property and resided here for some time; the ownershipof the property
changed hands between the Holt and the Holden family many times, finally being
sold to James Maden Holt MP who occupied the house until his death in 1911. He left
Stubbylee Hall and its grounds to the people Bacup.

Entering the house you are faced with a magnificent staircase overlooked by a huge
stained glass window.  The domed roof overhead letting in plenty of light - in the
daytime, night-time gives it an eerie feeling as the moonlight shines on an enormous
stags head; a stags head with eyes which follow you in the dark.

You can lose your bearings in this beautiful house with its two storeys plus cellars and
attics, the back stairs and the servants’ quarters.   Will you dare to spend some time
alone in one of the attic rooms where unexplained noises have been reported, or wait
on the staircase to catch a glimpse of the ghost of James Holt?  Join us on our
investigation of Stubbylee Hall for a night you will never forget!
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