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Ouija Board

A Ouija Board (pronounced wi-gi) is a flat wooden board with letters and number either engraved or printed onto it.  The letters of A-Z generally run across the board in two rows A-M and N-Z and the numbers typically run 1-0 (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0). 

You will also find three words, Yes and No should be on opposite corners of the board and the word Goodbye is generally in the centre either at the top or the bottom of the board.

A planchette (a heart shaped piece of wood with a hole in the centre) is used to spell out words, as guided by a spirit hand.  During a séance all participants will place a finger or fingers lightly onto the planchette and ask the spirits to make contact through the Ouija board. 

The original Ouija boards were invented as a parlour game during the 1890s and became popular as a divining device during World War 1.  Although, the first mention of the Ouija board was found in China around 1100.
You do not have to join in on any Ouija board séances if you do not wish.

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