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For the majority of our Haunted Rossendale events, we will bring along one, sometimes two guest mediums.

The guest mediums will give us all further insight into the venue we are investigating by contacting the spirits of long deceased residents.
We will take all our guests on an initial tour of the venue with our mediums constantly open to communication.

The medium has the role of an intermediary between the living world and the spirit world.

There are several ways our mediums can relay information; the medium will hear, sense, or see spirits or symbols, or a message and let us know what they have heard.

Or more scarily, a spirit could take control of the medium's voice so that everyone in the room can hear exactly who, or what is with us.  We have yet to witness the latter, maybe you will be with us when we do…
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Lizzie Houlbrooke  has been working as a British Medium & Psychic Tarot Card & Photograph Reader in Cheshire for many years.

As a medium she loves working with Spirit and completing a link between their world and ours.

As she has become more and more involved with uniting people with their loved ones, her ability as a British Medium & Psychic has grown.
Lizzie has an interest in all things Spiritual and has a strong desire to help anyone in need, the two combine perfectly.  She often appears as a guest Medium with the Haunted Rossendale Team, helping trapped Spirit to cross-over to the other side, whilst creating a safe environment for our team to work in.
Lizzie Houlbrooke
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