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Throughout the night we will be attempting to make contact with ghostly beings and recording the evidence with voice and video recorders.  We will be calling out to ask spirits to make contact with us either by making noises, touching us or showing themselves visually.  There will be no fakery, no throwing stones, making noises, or tricking alarms to sound, etc.  We will always be completing genuine when holding séances and expect our guests to be too.

Types of séances

Medium controlled séance

On the majority of our ghost hunts we will have a guest medium to guide us through a number of séances throughout the night.  They will guide us through the venue and try to contact any spirits who still reside within the walls.  We will split into smaller groups and hold a group séance, holding hands around a table whilst our guest medium attempts to contact the afterlife.

Calling out

We will walk into a room and once settled and quiet we will begin to Call out.  We will ask if anyone is in the room with us and would they make themselves known.  You will not have to do anything, just be quiet and listen and watch for any responses.  You can call out yourself if you wish to. Remember to keep an eye on any of the monitoring equipment; someone could be stood behind you!

We will also ask if you would like to stand in a circle and hold holds while we call out. Many spiritualists believe that forming a circle will encourage spirits to flow through and communicate with us easier.

Table tipping

Instances such as creaking sounds and slight movements from the table, as well as cold breezes are often experienced and sometimes small lights are seen.

Ouija board

The Ouija board is a flat wooden board with numbers and letters. A wooden planchette is moved across the board to indicate letters of a message from a ghostly spirit.  We will sit at a table or on the floor around the Ouija board with a finger lightly touching the planchette. We will ask questions firstly with Yes and No responses and once we have made contact we will go on to asking more complex questions.
You do not have to take part in any Ouija board séances if you do not wish.


Glass or Mirror Scrying is a way of contacting spirits through looking deeply into the surface of a mirror or pane of glass with the belief that things can be seen, such as spiritual visions.  Sit comfortably in front of a mirror or pane of glass and try to empty your mind.  Focus on looking through your reflected image and tell us what you see, no matter how trivial it may sound.